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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the plan immediately?

Yes! You can use the dental plan immediately (you can print your I.D. now and an I.D. will be emailed to you). You have to wait for your card in the mail in order to use the vision or Rx plan.

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Who can I include in my plan?
Anyone living in your household can be included. Additionally, you can include your parents or other family members living outside the household if you are financially responsible for them.
How long has CAREINGTON been in business?
CAREINGTON has been in business since 1979.
Why choose this plan over other dental plans?

CAREINGTON has grown to serve over 7 million members and uses their buying power to negotiate large discounts. Compare our fee schedule to other plans - CLICK HERE and select your state.

How much can I save with this plan?
You can save 20% to 60% with the dental plan and 20% to 40% with the vision plan. To see the fee schedule for your state, CLICK HERE and select your state. The fee schedule applies to General Dentists. Participating specialists will give a 20% discount only.
If I move, can I still use the plan?
You can use any of Careington's participating Dentists nationwide without notifying Careington (the new Dentist will call to verify membership).
When will I get a card?
Print your I.D. card at the end of the application now. You will also get a temporary card by email within minutes after you apply online. A permanent card and membership packet is mailed to your home address in about 10-12 business days.  


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"I've used my card twice and both times my discounts have been over 30%."
--Amy from New York

"Extremely happy with the plan. I think it is wonderful. Overall very happy."
--Constance from Illinois