CAREINGTON Dental Includes

Eyemed Vision Plan!


Vision Care Is Included At No Extra Cost!


  • Includes Lenscrafters, Target Optical, JC Penny Optical, and Pearl Vision
  • Savings of 20% to 40% off the retail price of eyewear
  • Unlimited frequency on usage
  • Choice of any available frame
  • Laser vision correction savings
  • Replacement contact lens by mail program
  • Includes eye exams, contact lenses, frames, lenses, and add-ons
Vision Care Services
Member Cost
Exam with Dilation as Necessary: $5 off routine exam
$10 off contact lens exam
Standard Plastic Lenses*:
Single Vision $50
Bifocal $70
Trifocal $105
Any frame available at provider location 35% off retail price
Lens Options:
UV Coating $15
Tint (Solid and Gradient) $15
Standard Polycarbonate $40
Standard Progressive* (Add-on to Bifocal) $65
Standard Anti-Reflective Coating $45
Other Add-Ons and Services 20% discount
Contact Lenses:
(Discount applied to materials only)
Conventional 15% off retail price
Laser Vision Correction:
Lasik or PRK
from U.S. Laser Network
15% off retail price
5% off promotional price
Value Added Services:
Laser Vision Correction: EyeMed and LCA-Vision have arranged to provide this discount to all EyeMed members through one of the largest laser networks available, the US Laser Network. Members are entitled to 15% off the retail price or 5% off the promotional price of LASIK or PRK procedures, whichever is the greater discount.
Replacement Contact Lenses by Mail:

EyeMed members may order replacement contact lenses at competitive prices via the Internet and have them mailed directly to your home. Simply visit for more information and a link to the ordering site. This service is for replacement contact lenses only, and your EyeMed discount does not apply. Your initial pair of contact lenses must still be purchased from your eye care provider to ensure proper fit and follow-up care.

*Frame, lenses and lens options discounts apply only when purchasing a complete pair of eyeglasses. If purchased separately, members receive 20% off the retail price.


Vision services are available once you receive your permanent card by U.S. mail.

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"Thanks for including the vision plan with the dental plan"
--LaVonne from Texas

"I saved over $83.52 on my exam and glasses - and this was at private optometrist!"
--Ron from Kansas